Why not take a Kayak Tour?

Guest post by PJ from Best Fishing Kayak Site

Are you adventurous at heart? If so, why not take a kayak tour of the coastline of Palma, I can guarantee that you will not regret it.

There are many reputable tours available, we found ours on Tripadvisor.com and booked in advance before we left home.

My family and I visited a few summers ago, being from Hawaii we are very much outdoorsy people that like our vacations to be fairly active. On our vacation we decided to take a guided kayak tour on the stunning turquoise water around the rocky coastline where we were able to explore caves, inlets and blowholes as well as seeing many aquatic birds on the way. Unfortunately, we did not see any dolphins although our guide said that do surface from time to time.

Our guided kayak tour was a great way for us to see some of the things that we would not have been able to get to by boat.

The guided tour took us around 3 hours, which was plenty of time for our family as we have young boys and they were worn out by the end of the trip. The cost from what I can recall was around 50 Euro per person which was inclusive of our kayak hire and guide for the 3 hours. The weather was fantastic on the day we went, the water was calm and you will not need to be an experienced kayaker. If you have any questions, contact the tour company and they will be able to go over the basics with you.

Remember to take sunscreen, hat and water. The temperature off the water can get hot and it is easy to get sunburned and dehydrated.

Happy kayaking!